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Kathmandu Valley Tours
The heart of the country, kathmandu vallley comprises of three major cites,kathmandu,Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.These three regal cites demonstrate calture,tradition and outstanding arts works preserved from the medieval period.The Durbar square, an enchanting ensemble of ornate palaces artistic countryards and spectacular temple from an exclusive part of each city ,Apart from it . Following are the major places in kathmandu valley tours package:

Swaymbunath Stupa: One of the World's most glorious Buddist stupas situated about 77m above the levalof the valley.

Pasupatinath: A scread temple of lord shiva, famous among Hindus. Boudhanath stupa :Build on an mandala stayle plateform 5th century A.D. It is the largest stupa in the valley.

Budhanilkantha: This colossal seventh century staue of Lord Vishnu is located 9 km North to the city.


Changunarayan: One of the finest artistic payagod style templo of changunarayan is a portrayal ofartworks of the Lichhavi period.

The golden Temple: Also known as kwa Bahal, it is a monastery renowned fo it rich repousse art and artisticperfection.

Mahaboudha: A 14th century Buddhist Monastery made of clay bricks with thousands on imagesof Lords Budhha engraved.

One of the only three temple of the valley with five roofs,dedicate to lord shiva.

Surya Binayak: A shrine of Lord Ganesh, a revered god of hindus .It is also a good picnic spt flanked by the many attractive landscapes.

Potter's Square: It is known aspotter's square becouse of the many potters seen here molding wet clay in to different kinds of earthenware.It has display of fresh pottery left out to dry in the open square.

Nyapotal: Built at the time of king Bupendra mallla in 1702 A.D.this five storey pagoda stands in a five tarraced plateform.
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